A Better & Distinct Brand

Brand is a key value in today's business world. As an original sudoku creator, Sudo'Kudo can turn your logo and culture into expressive puzzles so that your brand is relayed to the public in a subtle and instructive way.

15 minutes' Fun

A personalised card with a puzzle created from your logo or activity.
  • coffee card in the collaborators' resting area
  • pastime card in the departure lounge
  • personalised gifts or giveaways for your clients
  • ...

Themed Collections

Enrich your product lines with our collections: flowers, pets, vacation, food... we continue to design new ones!
  • flower collections in flower shops
  • vacation collections on the beach
  • landmark collections for tourist spots
  • ...
And the whole collection can be personalised according to your business!

Open Partnership

Sudo'Kudo believes in open collaboration to discover and realize more possibilities. From handcraftsmen to artists, from public services to business, from family firms to international groups... we take great delight in co-working with all open entities. Just contact us.